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A fresh start...

Hey! It’s me! Not sure if you remember me lol it has been a while… but during this brief pause I have been doing some healing, and prepping and planning and making sure I am bringing the absolute best version of myself back to my work.

As many of you know the last few years have been hard. And I felt a little lost. Creating comes from heart, and when your heart is broken it definitely makes being creative a whole lot harder.

My designs are intended to carry happiness and I am so excited to say that I am finding my happy again. This move was insanely hard, leaving everyone and everything I know was terrifying but I honestly think it was exactly what my soul needed.

Day by day I am sleeping better, I am smiling more and I am even more thrilled about everything the future has to offer.

If you are new here, hey! If you have stuck it out for me during the hard shit… thank you

It is gonna be a good life. I feel it!!

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