In 2011, Parkadilly... the business was born. After nearly a year home with my little lady I was looking for a creative outlet for my untapped energy and that is when I found a roll of wire. I have always been drawn to trees, so naturally my first twist was one.

I stayed up all night it seemed, twisting, bending and literally cutting my fingers raw as my new purpose came to be. It wasn't easy, and it totally wasn't expected but it was exactly what my lost soul needed, then more than ever. And I as shared my new found talent friends, family and word of mouth grew... I somehow landed myself here... 10+ years later. Still twisting, still dreaming and still forever filling that creative void with imaginative, whimsical designs that make my little handmade heart happy, and in turn make yours happy too! If you like what we do, we promise each piece will forever be one of a kind, made by my hands and always filled with so much love.