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Three Foot Lath Christmas Tree - Coloured Lights

Three Foot Lath Christmas Tree - Coloured Lights

Three foot Lath Parkadilly Christmas Tree

Coloured Lights


Available for $70


Pick up - Local pick up available in Oxford Nova Scotia

Shipping - Shipping costs are based on artwork size, weight and their final destination. For exact shipping rates please email me your full mailing address and attach the piece(s) you are interested in. 


Indoor/Outdoor - All artwork is treated for indoor/outdoor use unless otherwise stated. To preserve your Parkadilly Originals please reapply a rustolem clear spray annuallly. 


All artwork is available on a first come first serve basis. 

Your support means everything, thank you for looking and thank you even more for supporting! 

Parkadilly designs are protected under copywrite law, please support makers and dreamers, do not attempt to copy, mimic or replicate my designs.  

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